Green Stimulus programme has potential to support sustainable recovery

Green Stimulus programme has potential to support sustainable recovery

Posted Fri, 09/17/2021 - 16:33
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“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public consciousness of the fragility of natural systems and their importance for human well-being,” Minister Creecy said.

Forestry, Fisheries and Environment Minister Barbara Creecy says addressing increasing global environmental challenges such as climate change, air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, ocean degradation, and inefficient resource use has become even more important as countries seek to rebuild their economies and enhance resilience against future shocks.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has increased public consciousness of the fragility of natural systems and their importance for human well-being," Minister Creecy said.

Speaking at the launch of the African Green Stimulus Online Programme, Minister Creecy said the Green Stimulus programme has the potential to support a recovery that is green, sustainable and inclusive.

"Such a recovery has the potential to create opportunities for entrepreneurship, income generation, jobs and growth, particularly for women and the youth, and at the same time, to accelerate action on attaining short, medium and long-term environmental goals, both nationally, regionally and globally," Creecy said.

Creecy explained that this African-led programme aims to contribute to the goal of enhancing action for environmental sustainability and prosperity in Africa as called for in the Durban Declaration of the 17th Ordinary Session of AMCEN and to support the attainment of Africa's Agenda 2063 aspirations, Paris Agreement imperatives, and relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

"Whilst COVID-19 has exacerbated the economic stress for the African continent, it is realised that the means of implementation, including capacity development, technology transfer and financial resources remain critical for the realisation of green recovery.

"Forging partnerships, promoting synergies and the scaling up of the mobilisation of resources is vital in realising green recovery for Africa, which is one of the main objectives of the African Green Stimulus Programme and its On-line Platform.

"We, therefore, call upon the Member States, African institutions and development partners and all other stakeholders to be part of this journey to green recovery of Africa, and to support the African Green Stimulus Programme," Creecy said.

The African Green Stimulus Programme is an innovative African-led initiative developed to support the continent's recovery response to the devastating socio-economic and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in a more green and sustainable manner.

The programme intends to provide an overarching framework that will support the recovery of environmental and sustainable development initiatives in Africa, whilst identifying new areas requiring strategic interventions.

The programme is also intended to bring about a common and unifying continental response by enhancing and forging cooperation and partnerships between and among African governments, non-state actors, intergovernmental organisations, the private sector in support of a comprehensive green recovery for Africa.

(With Inputs from South African Government Press Release)

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